Dr. Kayser obtained her Ph.D. in Biotechnology in 1999 from the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany. The laboratory portion of her PhD thesis about metabolic fluxes in Escherichia coli was performed at the Gesellschaft of Biotechnologische Forschung, Germany (GBF, now part of the Helmholtz Zentrum fuer Infektionsforschung (HZI)).

Afterwards, Dr. Kayser accepted a post-doctoral position at the Biotechnology Research Institute of Canada in Montreal, Quebec, where she focused on the development and optimization of yeast processes. In 2001 Dr. Kayser joined DSM Biologics in Montreal, Quebec as Scientist Cell Culture where she expanded her expertise to include the development and optimization of cell culture processes by conducting upstream and midstream development of mammalian programs through the use of Hybridoma, CHO, HEK 293 and Per.C6 host cell platforms. During her tenure at DSM, Dr. Kayser was responsible for scientific leadership and troubleshooting during technology transfer, training of manufacturing staff on the process and evaluation of new platform technology. In 2006 Dr. Kayser was recruited to QSV Biologics Ltd. in Edmonton, Alberta as Senior Scientist Upstream Process Development where she was pivotal in establishing the upstream process development laboratories and associated service offerings for QSV for microbial as well as mammalian host cells. The role included management of scientists and associates, technical assessments of prospective client processes, scientific leadership and troubleshooting during technology transfer, scale-up and manufacturing of the upstream and midstream process. In 2009, Dr. Kayser accepted the role of Project Manger and Manager Upstream Development at Therapure Biopharma Inc. In this role, she established the capacity for industrial process development for mammalian cell processes at TBI, acted as project manager for the existing mammalian cell projects and initiated and oversaw the planning of a manufacturing suite for mammalian cell processes (Up-stream and downstream). With over eleven years of life science industry experience, and over nine years of biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing experience, Dr. Kayser brings a depth of upstream knowledge and experience to the team.