Triage [tree-ahzh] “the process of sorting victims (bioprocess failures) to determine medical priority (troubleshooting) in order to increase the number of survivors (chance of successful manufacture)”

BPAI has developed an innovative service called Bio-Process[TRIAGE]that is designed to help our clients quickly and effectively troubleshoot bioprocessing problems, failures or other issues associated with biologics process development, scale-up, GMP biomanufacturing or quality investigations. Request Assistance from BPAI’s expert bioprocess consultants for typical bioprocessing issues:

  • Bioprocessing troubleshooting
  • Root-Cause investigation
  • Analytical and bioanalytical method review and troubleshooting
  • Biologics process scale-up failure
  • GMP biomanufacturing batch failure
  • Bioburden contamination problems
  • Data review, interpretation and recommendation
  • Process validation failure
  • Cleaning validation failure
  • Method validation failure
  • Quality or compliance concerns